6 Must-Have Items for the Gym

gym woman

Some trips to the gym are better than others. Achieving a great workout for a healthier mind and body isn’t always easier. You can put yourself in the best position to succeed if you remember to bring these six essential items each time you travel to your gym or before you start a workout at home.

These are the Manhattan Mind & Body must-have items for a successful trip to the gym:

1. Water Bottle

You need to stay hydrated during your workouts. This is very important for a successful gym experience. You will experience a much better workout if you bring a reusable water bottle with you to carry to each piece of equipment or weight station. Otherwise, you will have to constantly pause your workout to find the nearest water fountain for a drink. This will reduce your heartrate each time.

2. Heartrate Monitor

Speaking of heartrate, your trip to the gym will reach a whole new level if you wear a heartrate monitor during your exercising. The monitor will provide a current status of your heartrate and let you know if you need to slow down or speed up your cardiovascular activities. The monitor also helps you to set goals for the workout and monitor your progress.

3. Music

Music is a great motivator during a workout. Your music helps add rhythm to the motions of the exercise and it drowns out your mind telling you to “stop” or “quit”. Tune out the negativity and turn up the volume during your next trip to the gym.

4. Headband

Wearing a headband helps prevent sweat from running into your eyes and into your face. This is a distraction over the course of an entire workout and one you can avoid if you wear a headband. The goal of any workout should be to limit distractions in order to ensure 100% focus is on achieving your wellness goals for the session.

5. Gym Clothes

You need to wear clothes to the gym you feel comfortable and confident in. You don’t want your clothing or its materials to be a nuisance or a distraction during the course of the workout. Most of the time gym clothes are tight-fitting and stretchy to accommodate constant movement for comfort.

6. Shower Materials

Fill your gym with all the necessities for washing up after the workout. If you are busy after your workout this will allow you to work an extra 15 minutes if you don’t need to drive home in order to shower and change clothes. Be sure to stock your gym bag with shower shoes, shampoo, conditioner, soap and deodorant. Most gyms provide clean towels but if your gym does not then you will need to bring that with you as well.

These are the six items we recommend you bring every time you travel to your local gym. Many of them can be left in your gym bag at home so that you don’t have to remember to pack them each time. If you bring these items, your chance at achieving a successful workout that heals your mind and your body will significantly increase.

Andrea Richardson