Clear Your Home of Toxins

fresh air

To have the healthy home you desire, you need to be sure it contains as few toxins as possible. There are several studies that prove that indoor air is often more polluted and toxic than outdoor air.

Pollutants enter the air in your home from the bottom of shoes, from cleaning chemicals, from pets and from several other sources.

Manhattan Mind & Body has tips to clear your home of toxins:


The bottom of your shoes bring in several toxins. The bottom of your shoes collect toxins from asphalt and concrete as well as germs and bacteria from public restrooms and public places.

We recommend you remove your shoes before you enter your home. Leave your shoes in your garage or in an entry room before the main living space of your home.

You should also request that guests remove their shoes before they enter your home. You can offer guests slippers to make them feel more comfortable.

This policy will help to greatly reduce the number of toxins in your home and in the air you and your family breathe in in your home.


You should avoid store-bought cleaning chemicals. The chemicals used for cleaning your home are some of the most toxic products available for purchase. The ingredients of these cleaning chemicals can be very bad for your health and for the quality of the air in your home.

You should create DIY cleaning solutions for your home. Ingredients for DIY cleaning solutions include vinegar, baking powder, water and hydrogen peroxide. These are green alternatives to harsh chemicals from the store.

Be sure to hire cleaning services for your home that use green solutions and methods. For carpet cleaning, hire Champion Chem-Dry. Their service does not feature toxins or harmful chemicals. For maid services, hire a local company that doesn’t use chemicals for their house cleaning.


You should bathe your pets very often. Pets bring in several different toxins into your home each day from pesticides and other sources. Pets bring toxins in on their paws and in their hair.

Your pet explores the world outdoors and you are unaware of everywhere they have been outdoors before returning to your home. This is also true if your pet spends their days at a pet daycare service or with several other dogs in the neighborhood or at the local dog park.

A regular bath for your pets will help to clean their hair and their paws and remove the toxins from them and from your home.


The products used for beauty and hair are often very toxin. Different sprays and perfumes contain several toxins and you spray them directly onto your skin. The contents of the chemicals will also enter the air in your home and linger there.

Do not use harmful cosmetic products in your home. Find green alternatives safer for the environment that won’t contaminate the air in your home.

You want your home to be healthy so you have to be conscious of what you allow in it. This includes items you buy and items that enter your home organically. Be vigilant and clear your home of toxins and you can improve the health of your home.

Andrea Richardson